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MorningStar of Kirkland – The Beginning of Carefree Retirement Years

At MorningStar of Kirkland, we want you to know independent living means much more than simply a change in your housing. We think of it as a chance to begin new adventures, meet a broader community of like-minded individuals, and to get down to the business of really enjoying your precious retirement years. MorningStar of Kirkland is located in the beautiful Totem Lake area with the beaches and parks of Juanita Bay close by and access to both private and public walking trails. We are less than a mile from the highly ranked Evergreen Health Medical Center and The Village at Totem Lake, a 400,000 square foot mixed-use development with a village feel for shopping, restaurants and entertainment. With easy access to I-405, Seattle is just 20 minutes to the southwest. Our community specializes in offering a full range of hospitality services that frees you up from the drudgery of daily chores and obligations. We provide housekeeping services and take care of maintenance, inside and out.
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Ways to Reduce the Signs of Aging on Your Face

While aging may be a sign of all the wisdom we have gained from past experiences, most of us would not mind slowing down some of the most obvious signs of our advancing years. Doctors say the aging process affects every part of our bodies including perhaps most noticeable our faces. If you are someone in your upper years, you may have noticed these common signs of aging in your own face: an expanded forehead due to a retreated hairline, longer ears due to a growth in cartilage, or a nose that is drooping due to a weakening of connective tissue supporting the nasal cartilage. When we are young, the fat in our face is evenly distributed to plump it out. As we grow older, the volume of fat in our face clumps up and shifts downward, resulting in the skin looking loose and saggy. The jowl sags and skin loosens around the neck. There are several ways we can try to improve the signs of aging in our faces . Medical experts say one of the most important ways to slow down the process is to prote

Getting Started or Resuming an Exercise Routine

Too many older Americans used to exercise with some frequency but somehow life got in the way, and they now feel out of shape. Whether you used to exercise or never formally did, doctors say it is not too late to start and you will be better for it. However, before beginning any new exercise regime, please consult with your healthcare provider. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) says deciding to become active is the best thing you can do for your physical as well as mental health, and is a big step toward helping you stay independent as you age. They recommend seniors do some type of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, like brisk walking or fast dancing, at least three times a week (for a total of 150+ minutes per week). In addition, include some type of weight bearing exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups or weight lifting two times a week. Your optimal weekly workout should be a combination of cardio and muscle strengthening exercises along with exercises to improve balance and f

Luxury Independent Living in Hillsboro, OR

Are you ready for a lifestyle change? While you may have retired from your career, we know you have not retired from life but rather looking forward to a whole new chapter. The newly opened MorningStar of Hillsboro offers a beautiful, maintenance free home, variety of onsite amenities, and broad community of friends. Today’s seniors are not only living longer but are more engaged and active than their parents and grandparents were in their later years. Retirement in 2022 is the time to enjoy hobbies , pursue new interests, travel, and renew yourself through volunteerism or hanging out with the grandkids – not worrying about home maintenance and repairs. Time is precious and life needs to be lived to the fullest. MorningStar of Hillsboro’s five-star dining service puts meal preparation and clean-up in our hands and frees you up for a before dinner swim in the pool or a leisurely stroll through our beautiful grounds. Like a drink after dinner? Walk over to our bistro/bar, chat with frien

Before and After Surgery Care to Promote and Speed Recovery

Like most everything else, standard procedures and guidelines for care before and after surgery have evolved in an effort to promote and speed recovery. Dr. Charla Fischer, an orthopedic surgeon at NYU Langone Spine Center in New York City, suggests you think of surgery as you would a marathon or race. She says, "The surgery itself is just the first part of the race – there is also the recovery after.” So what you do before a planned surgical procedure and what you do after can all be part of a better outcome and even includes diet and exercise. One example is a change in the way a person is treated after surgery in many hospitals. Now, rather than limiting patients to ice chips and intravenous fluids, they are served a meal. In addition, people are encouraged to get up and move as soon as the night following surgery, which appears to hasten recovery. However, doctors warn that people should be screened before surgery for conditions such as malnutrition, anemia, diabetes and

Seniors Can Help Maintain Their Independence with Exercise

As we grow older, many people begin to slow down. However, we know a lack of exercise and activity can cause reduced muscle strength and flexibility, and lead to health problems that make beginning exercise that much more difficult. In fact, a government study estimated “nearly 80% of American adults do not get the recommended amounts of exercise each week, with adults 65 and older being the least likely to engage in a regular exercise routine.” Experts recommend older adults make a plan to stay more active and commit to it. Before you begin any new exercise or activity, talk to your doctor as your health challenges may make some physical activities not possible. Guidance from your healthcare providers can help develop a plan most effective in achieving overall conditioning despite any limited endurance. Areas to focus on include strengthening leg muscles to improve mobility and balance, which is part of maintaining your independence as strong legs support so many basic everyday act

The Dining Experience at MorningStar at River Oaks

As part of the MorningStar Senior Living Company , MorningStar at River Oaks is designed to meet the needs of our assisted living residents with compassion and professionalism. Each aspect of our home is intended to allow residents to comfortably and safely age in place with an array of luxury amenities, care services, wellness programs and activities. Our gracious living extends to our dining service that offers an upscale experience inspired by the belief that dining is the centerpiece of personal wellness. It is through a proper diet of healthy choices that food becomes a healing medicine unlike any other. When it is enjoyed as a community, it helps to bond us as a family. MorningStar’s trained Executive Chef has been instructed in culinary skills and menu creation, along with the soft skills of being a servant-leader. As we recognize today’s seniors have more sophisticated culinary tastes, we balance a blend of world foods and flavors with nostalgic comfort foods. One of our specia